LowFire FAQ

What is the difference between the paid and lite versions?

The features of each version are exactly the same. The only difference between them is the "lite screen" which will pop up occasionally and cover the oscilloscope area until you dismiss it.

Can I use the free (lite) version commercially?

Only the paid version of LowFire is compatible with commercial use. If you want to use LowFire in your commercially released music, YouTube video, podcase etc., then you are required to purchase LowFire.

Bulk and educational licensing is available upon request.

Is LowFire available for MacOS?

Not quite yet. We're working on it. MacOS & Linux support is coming as soon as possible. Purchasing LowFire now helps support the MacOS build.

Is there a stand-alone version?

There is no standalone version of LowFire currently available. However if demand for this is high enough, in the future one could be released.

Is LowFire compatible with my DAW?

Probably yes. LowFire has been thoroughly tested on multiple popular DAWs. That being said. It's always possible for you to run into an issue we haven't seen before. If you do, please reach out to us so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.

Does my master (DAW) sample rate matter when downsampling?

No, LowFire was designed to be "sample rate agnostic" meaning that the downsample effect will have the same output regardless of master sample rate. Changing your DAW sample rate should not effect the output of LowFire.