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DSP Graph

Graph DSP Algorithms in JS

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DSP Graph is a web based tool that allows users to write and run JavaScript code directly in their web browser.

Note: DSP Graph is not intended for end-users, and is instead designed for audio software developers and people who want to learn about building audio software. If you are not an audio software developer or are not interested in building audio software, this tool may not be suitable for your needs.


Generative MIDI

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One of the notes repeats every 23 1/2 seconds. It is in fact a long loop running around a series of tubular aluminum chairs in Conny Plank’s studio. The next lowest loop repeats every 25 7/8 seconds or something like that. The third one every 29 15/16 seconds or something. What I mean is they all repeat in cycles that are called incommensurable — they are not likely to come back into sync again.

— Brian Eno