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GreenWave is a unique and modern software synthesizer built from the ground up to create fresh sounds without giving up the classic analog phat. This synth sounds like nothing you have ever heard before but feels like something you've been using your whole life.

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GreenWave is currently in open beta which means you might find bugs and other issues. This is expected while we work towards a full stable release that you can rely on! Please keep in mind that future updates might break your existing patches and projects.

We did the math

We've done the math and created dozens of experimental waveforms to push the limits of what synths can do. These are not wavetables, but full fledged classic oscillators with wave-level modulation. GreenWave offers the classic sine, square, triangle and saw waves. But wait until you you hear a "Sun Sine" or an "Ocean" waveform.

Ready to warp!

GreenWave comes fully equipped for modulation with 2 Oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 Oscillator ADSR Envelopes, 2 Modulation ADSR Envelopes and full stereo pan for each oscillator. Not to mention, support for up to 16 voices of unison and 16 voices of polyphony for each oscillator. That's a total of 512 voices!

We're taking LFOs to the next level! Every single custom waveform that we designed for this synth is also available to be used as an LFO. This means that even an alien sounding waveform like "Miasma" can be used as an LFO. If that wasn't enough to get you excited, we also added a fully featured ADSR envelope to each LFO. This is similar to LFO delay found on other synths but at least 4x more powerful!

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